German Courses

Your experienced lecturer for Arabic in the Rhine-Main Region.

Trilexika offers individualized Arabic courses. Here, longtime experience in lecturing and the joy of teaching the language contribute to an excellent learning environment, whether it is for small groups or one-on-one lessons.

The following course foci are part of our range:

Arabic for travelers:

Are you planning a trip to an Arabic country? Do you want to immerse yourself right into the bustling markets of towns such as Marrakesh and Cairo? Then take our Arabic course for travelers. Learn various forms of greetings, and learn and understand simple and frequently used phrases. Express yourself in routine situations - such as asking for directions - and be well prepared for the next shopping tour.

Arabic for Arabists and Orientalists:

This intensive course is aimed at students in the fields of Orientalism and Arabism at universities and institutions in the Rhine-Main region. Let us become immersed in the beauty of Arabic language together, covering everything from the linguistic history of Arabic literature to the linguistic finesses of standard Arabic.

Arabic for professional reasons:

Do you work in the medical field in Germany and do you often look after Arabic patients? Or, are you often away on business in Arabic countries? Improve your chances of successfully concluding contracts and communicating effectively with clients and patients.

We will develop an individualized course that is tailored to your particular needs. Your Arabic business partners and patients will greatly appreciate your efforts!